NEW YORK offers up to $150,000 for Biomass Heating

On July 29, 2014, John Rhodes, president and CEO of NYSERDA, and Joe Martens, DEC commissioner, held a press conference at Evoworld in Troy, NY to announce the roll-out of a comprehensive set of programs to build a regional wood-fired heating industry under Governor Cuomo’s Renewable Heat NY initiative.

Purchase of Evoworld small commercial pellet boilers may qualify for installation incentives of up to $20,000, and purchase of large commercial pellet boilers may qualify for incentives of up to $150,000!

Small Commercial Pellet Boiler

Incentives are 25% of installed costs based on system size:

less than 25 86,000 $5,500
35 120,000 $9,000
50 171,000 $13,000
75 257,000 $20,000

Incentives are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and will only be reserved for customers once an application has been approved by NYSERDA. Incentives are paid upon approval of the Incentive Application directly to the Installer and passed on in the full amount to the customer. Incentives will not be provided directly to customers purchasing or installing the new system. Incentives are only available for new equipment and systems that have not been installed (partially or completely) prior to NYSERDA approval of a Project Application.

System Performance Requirements

Thermal Efficiency (HHV) 85%
Particulate Emissions less than 0.080 lb/mmBtu
Carbon monoxide (CO) emissions less than 270 ppm at 7% O2

Large Commercial Pellet Boiler

Incentives are available for high-efficiency, low-emission pellet boiler heating systems in new and existing facilities. A pellet boiler heating system includes a high-efficiency pellet-fired boiler, thermal energy storage, outdoor pellet storage, and necessary control systems. The pellet boiler(s) heating system must be installed in an efficient manner and displace boiler fuel-use at facilities without access to natural gas (such as oil, propane, and coal). Incentives are offered under this large commercial program to offset the installed system costs for systems with thermal output over 300 MBtu/h (88 kW).

System Performance Requirements

Pellet Boiler
Output over 300 MBtu/h (88kW)
20% of Total Installed Cost $100,000
Tandem* Pellet Boilers
Output over 300 MBtu/h (88kW)
25% of Total Installed Cost $150,000

*A tandem boiler installation includes two or more smaller pellet boilers rather than one large pellet boiler and can minimize cycling to maintain efficiency, emissions, and maintenance costs in certain installations.

Incentives are based on the installed project costs. 80% of the incentive will be paid based on proof of installation and system commissioning. The remaining 20% will be paid at the end of the Measurement and Verification (M&V) period (up to 12 months) and when acceptable environmental and thermal performance has been achieved.


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