// that almost 50 % of Austria’s surface area consists of forests?
// and that far less wood is cut down than the amount of trees that grow again?
// similarly, in Germany about 35% of the surface area is covered with woods!
// heating systems based on wood become modern again!

As the first source of energy of mankind, log-fire warmed human beings already hundreds of thousands years ago. Similar to many other domains, it is today’s technology that renders this kind of traditional heating system interesting, comfortable, and independent.

As renewing raw material of sheer unlimited resource, wood is more than just a combustible material: through its CO2 neutrality during its combustion, wood is one of the most environmentally friendly heating materials. The same amount of carbon dioxide that the tree absorbed and retained during its growth is released at the combustion of the wood – which is also the same amount that would be released during the natural rotting process of the wood! Thus, the heating is environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral!

The regional availability of wood guarantees that the economic value added remains in the country. You no longer have to deal with call out charges and are independent from the (monopolistic) supplier. Wood always gives you a choice!

A few years ago, heating systems based on oil and gas represented the standard option in private households. It is true that the actual time of the exsiccation of oil resources is constantly being recalculated. Whether it is 20 or 30 years from now, the availability of oil as the most important raw material for all industrial nations is going to be limited. Even from today’s perspective it is possible to foresee the end of its resources. For the consumer this means a rapid increase of prices, shortage or artificially caused scarcity, which are all effects of certain political and economic interests.

Natural gas is strongly related to the oil market since this fossil combustion material is also of limited availability. In many cases, the reservoirs of oil and natural gas coincide. Eventually, the use of wood is also a question of comfort and the conscience of an environmentally friendly heating system. The fact that heating with wood is very cost-efficient contributes to the status of wood as one of the most efficient sources of energy!



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